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LED Flickering Tealights

Flickering tealights ( tea lights ) look great, but safety has always been an issue. Now you can buy the LED version which runs on a battery and is perfectly safe for any home and craft use. LED Flickering Tealights look like a candle in a slight breeze, but you can't start a fire with these - no matter how hard you try. The manufacturer tells us 40-48 hours per battery and that sounds pretty accurate but we have never actually tracked it. These tealights come with a battery and an on/off switch on the bottom so they are not like some of the cheaper versions that you turn on once and they stay lit until the batteries die. Our replacement batteries are available below in packs of 4 (This LED uses 1 at a time - #CR2032. Please note that the batteries for the Acolyte Flickering LED Tealight are the same as those for the Submersible FloraLyte LED .) THE BEST PART IS THAT THESE LED'S COST LESS THAN A PENNY AND A HALF PER HOUR TO OPERATE.
Many stores and internet web sites also sell LED flickering votive candles which are merely a taller version of the tealight. They are a little more expensive and do not offer anything more than a fraction of an inch in additional height. We offer the tealights because they are a much better value.

(Battery Included)

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LED Flickering Tealight Each   Price: $2.95

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LED Candle Batteries #CR2032 4/pack   Price: $2.75  
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