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Artificial Apples

Macintosh: Artificial Macintosh (2 1/2") are choice apples to the Northeastern United States.  They don't grow everyplace, that's why you have to buy the artificial ones.

Granny Smith: Artificial Granny Smith (2 1/2") apples are perfect for an artificial apple pie.  This is the one the bakers use and any grandma would be proud to have these.

Delicious: Artificial Red Delicious (3 1/4") and Golden Delicious (2 1/2") apples are called that for a reason.  If they made an orange delicious, we'd probably have that one too.

Fuji: These apples used to come in from Australia and now they're grown domestically.  These fake ones are grown in China.

Product Options:

Color options for Artificial Apples - Red Delicious

Red Delicioius
Artificial Apples - Red Delicious   Price: $2.39  

Color options for Artificial Apples - Fuji

Artificial Apples - Fuji   Price: $2.39  

Color options for Artificial Apples - Macintosh

Artificial Apples - Macintosh   Price: $2.39  

Color options for Artificial Apples - Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious
Artificial Apples - Golden Delicious   Price: $2.39  

Color options for Artificial Apples - Granny Smith

Granny Smith
Artificial Apples - Granny Smith   Price: $2.39  

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