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Beaded Garland


This beaded garland is the best on the market by far. I know the pictures are big and I know they show some reflection. We think a big picture shows what they really look like and, after all, isn't that what you want to know? Everybody else has a little picture because they’re ashamed of the crap they’re trying to sell you. We’re proud of our quality and we’re merchants, not photographers, so deal with it.
Now that we’ve set the record straight, we really do think these are the cream of the crop. I don’t know how they do it, but no matter how tangled they seem to be, if you just lightly shake them, they magically separate. Really! Believe me! I’ve done it a hundred times and I still don’t know how they untangle.
The way they’re tied you can cut these to smaller pieces without losing all the beads and we’ve even had some people buy them to make jewelry. Our original thought was to drape on indoor trees or wrap around a candle base. Our customers have told us of hundreds of uses including just laying them out on a table.  I’m sure you can come up with other ideas, but one thing is certain - They are constantly on backorder from the manufacturer and this is an item that you don’t want to wait until the last minute to buy.
I forgot to mention - this garland is 5 feet long and has about a zillion beads. Ok, maybe it’s not a zillion, but it’s a lot. Remember, we’re merchants, not bead counters.

There are pictures that are verical at the end of each section.  These items have been discontinued by the manufacturer but we still have a few if you need these colors.   First come, first served because when they are gone, they are gone.

The beads are all the same size even though you can't always tell from the picture.  The lower number products are older and better pics so they give you a better image of the shapes.

  We took these pics from the manufacturer and, well, it is a good thing they don't make their living with a camera.  You would think they would know that old saying about a picture and a thousand words, but I guess not.  Let's just say, no matter how good the camera, you still can't give it to the first monkey you see.   

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If you are looking for a fuller look, we also offer Bangle Garland in it's own section.

Product Options:

Color options for Beaded Garland-A

1011 Red

1012 Brown Amber

1013 Green

1014 Pink

1016 Blue Mist

1017 White Pearlized

1020 Lavender Mist

1021 Ivory Pearlized

1026 Black Clear

1036 Cream Ivory Pearl

1037 Gold Pearl

1038 Gold Burgundy Pearl

1043 Red Green

1044 Green Blue

1045 Claret

1047 Orange Black

1048 Dark Orange

1049 Claret Green

1060 Chocolate

1097 Hot Pink

1116 Clear

1117 Yellow

1131 Red Blue Stars

1132 Purple Green Gold

1133 Matte Jade

1134 Matte Aqua

1135 Matte Red

1144 Matte Orange

Beaded Garland-A Color:
Price: $8.00  

Color options for Beaded Garland-B

1083 Peridot

1084 Topaz Pearl

1085 Citron

1087 Garnet Pearl

1088 Moonstone Pearl

1095 Irrid Indigo

1096 Irrid Red Blue

1099 Mixed Pastel Pearl

1100 Gray Pearl

1120 Aqua Pearl

1121 Yellow Gold Pearl

1129 Metallic Gold Plate Pearl

1130 Metallic Silver Plate Pearl


Pink Blue Green Pearl
Beaded Garland-B Color:
Price: $8.00  

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