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Beer Bands


Fits bottles or cans and perfect for any party - this is one of my favorites among the summer products. Each set has 12 different bands so you can pick your color and feel confident that you're drinking from your bottle all night.  If you want more than a color, we have "Bombed" bands so you can pick your favorite slang for where you are heading.  If you really want to make it your own, we have a set of "Personality" beer bands and you can choose from: Snob, Tease, Control Freak, Desperate, Bed Wetter, and more.

By the way, we just realized that you can also wear these bands on your wrist like all those cool people. We're not going to suggest which personality matches best, but "Drunk" seems to match my friends pretty well. Be the first on your block to wear them.

Price: $5.85


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