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Black Jack Dice Game


Dice games are great because they don't require a lot of space and they don't have a lot of rules. There's no game board, so it's perfect in the car on a long trip or at the kitchen table when friends come over. These games are very simple and very entertaining and you can have a normal conversation while you're playing because nobody has to keep track of strategies or cards played. Rules For Black Jack Dice Game: This game is also called Twenty-One based on the card game blackjack. Any number of players may take part.

Object: Players try to score 21 points.

Play: The player rolls two dice and notes the count. The player can then roll one die as many times as player wishes, adding each score rolled to total count. If any roll makes a total over 21 points, the player is out of the game.

Also includes 2 bonus games: C-Low & Craps or Hazards.

Was: $6.00
Now Only: $2.00

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