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Bug - Insect Key Chain


Bugs or insects or whatever fancy name you want to call them finally have been put to use. Keep track of your keys the easy way - nobody you know has a beetle or a scorpion watching their keys.

For some reason people are reluctant to pick up a bug and stick it in their pocket.  These guys aren't the kind you see running around in your backyard or in the kitchen when the lights flash on.  Yeah, bugs are bugs, but these guys are the meanest, nastiest looking ones we could find.  After all, if you are going to carry a bug in your pocket, you wouldn't want your friends to know it was a cute little butterfly.....would you?

If it matters, these insect key fobs are about 1 1/2 inches long.

Product Options:

Color options for Bug Keychain

Black Scorpion

Brown Recluse

Chinese Stag Beetle

Green Rose Chafer Beetle

Scorpion Black Background
Bug Keychain Insect
Price: $4.95  
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