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Bugs, Bats and Snake Stuff


We thought that was a pretty catchy name for critters that crawl, slither and fly in the dark.  Actually these bugs, bats and snakes are all enclosed in acrylic and perfect for the guy who has everything...maybe not so good for the gal who is tough to buy for.  These critters have actually been put to good use.  They are made by a company that produces educational models and exhibits and they took some and made key chains and paperweights and other oddities so we could all have a conversation piece sitting on our desk or in our pocket.  No, these aren't your run of the mill bugs, these are the biggest, baddest little guys that make the best display. 

We know bug isn't the proper name, but we are marketers, not biology majors and we really don't care.  If one of those damn things starts crawling up my leg I am gonna get it off no matter what you intellectuals call it.  To me it is a bug and it is not good to have bugs crawling over me. Period.  The bats and the snakes are even worse.  If I saw one of them crawling up my leg, I would probably scream like a little girl and make it unfit for an acrylic display piece.



Bug Paperweights are 4 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1" Deep

Cicada is 2 3/4" x 1/34" x 1" Deep

Bat Paperweight  is 2 3/4" x 2 3/7" x 1" Deep

Snake Half Dome Paperweight is 3 1/2" Across and 2" High

Product Options:

Color options for Bug Paperweight

Black Scorpion

Blackish Stag Beetle


Bug Paperweight   Price: $9.50  

Color options for Bat Paperweight

Bat Paperweight   Price: $23.00  

Color options for Snake Paperweight

Rattlesnake Half Dome
Snake Paperweight Price: $23.00  

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