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Cafe Du Monde

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That's right.  The same stuff you loved at the Cafe Du Monde Market Stand in New Orleans is now available in your home or as a precious gift to a real coffee lover. The rich unmistakable taste and aroma of chicory coffee that hasn't changed in over 140 years is packed in that familiar yellow-orange can. And let's face it, it just tastes better in an original mug gift packed in a kraft box. Available in it's original chicory flavor, chicory decaf, and french roast without the chicory.

Did you know that over 30% of our coffee comes through the Port of New Orleans? Do you know why chicory is mixed with coffee and why only in New Orleans? The Union naval blockade of the Port of New Orleans during the Civil War led to sudden scarcity of many commodities, including coffee. So just as the French did during the blockades of the Napoleonic wars, resourceful New Orleanians stretched their precious stock of imported coffee by mixing it with ground, roasted chicory root, which they could grow locally. Though an invention of wartime necessity, the chicory blend was embraced for the mellow caramel undertones and smooth texture it added to coffee.

Cafe Du Monde
Coffee 15oz.
Original w/ Chicory

Was: $7.49
Now Only: $5.99


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