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Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey

Death defying Cap'n Danger comes in a kit with a nylon parachute and tangle resistant harness. The perfect answer for "Mommy, I don't know what to do." (It works pretty well also with entertaining your husband/boyfriend in the mall parking lot while your inside shopping for a new pair of shoes.)

Easy to use with 3 simple instructions on the back of the box. In simple terms, fold the parachute in half, wrap the cords and Cap'n Danger around it, throw it up in the air as far as you can. We assume that after you watch him come down, you'll know enough to pick it up and do it again without instructions. We also assume that the husband/boyfriend will know to look for moving cars before retrieving Cap'n Danger.

Not suitable for children under 3, but if you got a 2 year old that can throw this high enough in the air to make it work...get him an agent NOW!

Closeout Item - Quantity Limited

Was: $14.50
Now Only: $5.00


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