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Chopstick Kid

Soft, washable, food-safe hinges that slide over the end of your chopsticks. Chopstick Kids keeps the backends from separating and allows them to work more like tongs. Great way for kids to use chopsticks and not too bad for Uncle Bob either.
P.S. Practice with these at home when nobody's looking so you can go out and impress all your friends. Uncle Bob, use a fork when you leave home. Available in boy or girl.

Nature seems to keep a balance between boys and girls, but you folks don't - at least when it comes to ordering chopsticks. We have a ton of boys but we get more orders for girls than boys. We have to buy them assorted so every time we order them, we sell the girls and keep the boys. We are changing our prices to lower the boy price and maybe you will buy more. The girl price is fair and the boy price is a steal. We don't think you should have to buy them by the pair, but if you want, you can buy a pair from us and still save money. This is where I would put "Happy Eating" or something in Chinese. The problem is I don't know Chinese and am always afraid those translator programs are going to say something that will get me arrested. Therefore, Happy Eating!

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Chopstick Kid - Boy   Was: $5.75
Now Only: $4.00  
Chopstick Kid - Girl   Price: $7.25  

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