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Collapsible Silicone Strainer


Silicone is an amazing material. It's flexible, heat resistant, and nothing sticks to it. This collapsible silicone strainer is only 1" thick when flat and great to store. Remember those strainers and colanders down in your pot cabinet that take up all the space and are always falling over? Those days are gone - you can put a little nail inside the sidewall or inside the door and just hang it out of the way. If your drawers aren't as cluttered as mine, you can even put it in there. When it's time to use it, a flick of the wrist and your strainer is ready for boiling water or whatever else you want to put in it.

Note - It probably won't work well for holding boiling water because it has little holes in the bottom, it really just works for holding stuff - like pasta, vegetables, or anything else you want to separate the solid from the liquids. Believe me, after you try this one you'll end up giving one for a gift to one of your friends.

Price: $17.00


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