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Cool Jewels


Dazzling diamond ice cube tray. Amaze your friends with gemstone ice cubes. You can make them clear like diamonds, or a little food coloring can turn them into Rubies, Sapphires, or Emeralds. 6 distinct shapes that add bling to your beverage for the price of ice, not diamond ice, ice cubes. It's cute, it's easy, but if you're going to use them at your next party, you might start making them up ahead of time.

For the little scientist out there the cooling capacity of an ice cube is partially based on the surface area in contact with the liquid. That is why crushed ice cools faster than solid cubes. If you think about it, that's why crushed ice doesn't last as long. The nice thing about these cubes is that you get a little bit from both worlds - they're a solid cube so they will last longer while the multi faceted sides provide for quicker cooling.

Was: $7.50
Now Only: $4.50


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