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Distressed Coffee Bags (10)


These are the bags with the cuts and the holes big enough to put your fist through. The burlap is still good and these would be perfect for covering plants, bedding for animals, planting seeds, you get the idea.

 The coffee bags are used to ship the beans from the growers to the coffee roasters.  They each hold about 150 lbs and are approx 27 x 40 inches.  Some have graphics and some are just stenciled.  Sometimes we even get them with no marks although almost all of them have country of origin on the bag.  They usually have small holes where beans are taken for sampling before the bags are unloaded.  When they are ready to be roasted, the bags are slit on the top or bottom or down the side and the beans are poured out.  On occasion the bags are slit across the front or back  


These used coffee bags and are big enough to put a body in or at least big enough for a sack race.  People use them for decor, agricultural uses like pecans, potatoes or wrapping plants in the cold weather.  We have seen projects like drapes and seat covers, upholstry and aprons - how much imagination do you have?  They have marks and green coffee beans smells (not the roasted coffee beans we are all thinking of) and just signs of normal wear and tear.  If they have cuts across the face or back or down the long side they could be part of this assortment.

 Figure out your use and then you can pick the assortment that best suits your needs. 

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