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Eluminator Light Base

If you have ever been in need of a light base you have probably gone crazy trying to find one and then spent a lot more money than you should've. This "White Lyte Base" runs on batteries, 8" in diameter and requires no wires or cords to use. It allows you to place this in the center of the room without cords to tape over. Nothing ruins a party faster than grandma tapping her face on the floor from an extension cord.
The best part, in addition to preserving grandmas, is that these are LEDs. The light is very intense so it shines up through the bowl or whatever you may place on it. The picture at left shows a crystal bowl with our crushed ice sitting on the E-Luminator. You now have the beginning of a centerpiece and you can add the flowers or whatever you want. Just a note, if you can use cut crystal instead of smooth edge glassware the light effect will be much more dynamic than a plain bowl.

Price: $24.00

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