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E-Riser LED Display Stand


Wireless Lighting


This wireless LED riser is 25" and can be set up anyplace in the room or on a table. A weighted base, with a 24" (1 1/2" diameter) acrylic pole, and an 8.5" top plate with a 1" recess make up the complete package. The acrylic pole has bubbles set in and the rechargeable base allows a range of colors to illuminate the pole from the inside. The top plate allows an E-Lyte Base to fit perfectly to continue the light show in either white or kaleidoscope colors.
A charge of the E-Riser will last 8-10 hours and will be the perfect cap to the perfect presentation. Ideal as a rental item, with colors ranging from white, multiple color LEDs to RGB cycle colors. Best of all, there are no cords for anybody to trip on. Charging time is 10 hours and can be charged 600 times.

Price: $84.00

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