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Extra Hands Salad Server


Extra Hands for whatever you're serving!!!!

SALAD SERVER - These salad mixers are a tremendous idea. You know how sometimes you just want to stick your hands in and mix things up, but you can't do that in the middle of a dinner party. With these salad mixers, you can toss salads, pastas, stuffings, you name it. Like an extra set of fingers, Extra Hands wait conveniently on the side of the bowl with their "Rim-Hook"(tm)...just grab and serve. Did we tell you they were great for serving too? Made from high grade plastic, heat and stain resistant, top shelf dishwasher safe.

SCOOP SET - Just like the Salad Mixers, the Scoop Set is perfect for fruits, vegetables, or anything that requires scooping or straining. One scoop is solid, one is slotted so they can be used for solid foods or things that come with just a little too much liquid. They hang on the rim of the bowl and work very well for serving at the table.

DESSERT SET - Trying to serve pies, cakes, quiche, lasagna, or just a plain casserole? Now you can stop fumbling with the knife and pie server and spoon because Extra Hands is here! This 2 piece set has the traditional pie server and a slicer/spreader/server that is more useful than you would ever imagine. Use these at the table without ever worrying again about getting that first piece out...and after you've served dessert, just hang them on the side of the bowl in case somebody wants seconds...or thirds.

Price: $6.45


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