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Fake Ice Cubes

Look at our pictures and tell me if these are real or not?  We sell a lot of broken synthetic ice to photographers, movie studios, event planners and caterers.  We've had many requests from people who actually want cubes instead of pieces that look like they've melted down.  Now we can do both and you can use one or both to get the look you need.

Also available for the more party minded in iridescent.

Available in 2 sizes - by the dozen or bags of 100.  The price per cube is the same but we offer this as a convenience whether your needs are large or small.

If you have a Sales Tax Permit you may join our Wholesale Group and save even more.  Click on the W on top of the page and submit your application today!


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Product Options:

Fake Ice Cubes 12 Cubes / Pack Color:
Price: $7.00

Quantity   1 - 11     12+  
Price $7.00 $6.00
Fake Ice Cubes - 100 Piece Bag Color:
Price: $46.00  

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