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Submersible FloraLyte LED

These submersible LED lights are available in many colors - we offer orange (amber), red, and green. A simple twist and they're on until you twist them back to turn them off. Our sales rep tells us these will last up to 45 hours on a set of batteries, but we have never tracked how much time they are lit in our showroom. You can use them in flowers, centerpieces, and even under water. They really look great in an arrangement using our beaded garland - and even more amazing when you put the garland and the lights under water. Replacement batteries are available in 4 packs and each light uses 2 batteries at a time. (Please note that the batteries for the Submersible FloraLyte LED are the same as the batteries for the Acolyte Flickering LED Tealight - #CR2032.)

The colors below are available for special order at a minimum of 100 pieces per color:
We Offer These LED Lights
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Submersible FloraLyte LED - Product Color:
Price: $2.40  
Submersible FloraLyte LED - SPECIAL ORDER Color:
Price: $1.95  
LED Candle Batteries #CR2032 4/pack   Price: $2.75  

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