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Foot Massage Slippers

Massage Slippers are an excellent addition to your Massage XP 2 unit . Simply snap the massage cords into the slippers and enjoy one of the most relaxing foot massage you've ever had. Specifically designed to massage 4 specific accupressure points in your feet, these slippers help increase and encourage proper blood circulation. Aside from being extremely relaxing, this is a wonderful product for those who are diabetic and need the extra circulation in their feet. The top strap is Velcro so they are easy to get on an off and adjustable to fit the entire family!
We really do try these items before we put them on the site. When we say it is this or that, it is because we tried it and we know, not just because we read it someplace. These slippers are something I took to my mother who is 87 years old. After 3 days I realized I wasn't going to get them back. So, I took another pair home for me to try. Guess what, they ain't going back either! This feature alone is worth the upgrade . I haven't even tried the blood pressure mode yet!

Price: $13.00

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