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Funny Magnets


These are the funny magnets that you can give to anybody. The Off Color Magnets are here , so you can pick your poison based on the recipient. These magnets are cute, funny, and pretty true - my favorite is "Martha Doesn't Live Here." Which one is your favorite?

Product Options:

Color options for Funny Magnets (Square)

M003 L

M004 L

M007 L

M014 L

M015 L

M018 L

M020 L

M024 L

M025 L

M028 L

M030 L

M031 L

M034 L

M038 L

M041 L

M042 L

M044 L

M046 L

M048 L

M049 L

M050 L

M054 L

M060 L

M069 L

M071 L

M073 L

M075 L

M076 L

M079 L

M080 L

M087 L

M091 L

M096 L

M099 L

M102 L

M103 L

M104 L

M105 L

M106 L

M108 L

M114 L

M132 L

M133 L

M134 L

M136 L

M144 L

M152 L

M160 L

M165 L

M188 L

M190 L

M191 L

M194 L

M199 L







M005 L

M006 L

M010 L

M016 L

M023 L

M027 L

M033 L

M040 L

M043 L

M045 L

M052 L

M055 L

M056 L

M058 L

M081 L

M095 L


M113 L

M121 L

M131 L

M170 L

Sgs003 L

Sgs004 L

Sgs006 L

Sgs007 L

Sgs010 L

Sgs027 L
Funny Magnets (Square)
Price: $3.50  

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