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We've all seen those stupid growin' things that you buy on T.V. , or in drug stores or other stores that are trying to sell you anything just to stay in business. I can't mention the name of that other thing, but we all know it's a plant, not a pet. Our Grow-A-Head is multi-purpose.
Each head is hand made so they look a little different. It also comes with a hand holding a placard. You get stickers to apply to the placard for any occasion. We've got you covered for, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Congrats, and a bunch more. You can even use a blank one and make your own. Instructions are included but essentially, you drown the head in a bucket of water for a day or two. Then take him out and place him in the glass bowl included, and put some water in the bowl. The rope will feed water to the head and he will grow his own hair. Just think, if it was that easy, there would be a whole lot of people with their head under water with a snorkel to do the same thing.
Just an FYI, we tried to see if we could get this with catnip, right now it comes with fescue grass, but there are particular problems importing catnip. I believe it's related to some other natural products that are closely monitored and it just creates a lot of problems to do this with catnip. It may be available some day, but for now, the next thing we have coming is our Christmas Grow-A-Head - available late fall.

Price: $8.00

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