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Invitation In A Bottle (X)


The post office won't be too happy, but whoever you invite will be. Our little bottle and cork comes complete with a to/from label. Inside is an invitation, some green sand, miniature sunglasses, a tiny goblet and a parasol. Everything you need to tell your dimwit friends that you're having a tiki party.

It's actually more fun to hand deliver these and watch the morons try to figure out how to get the stuff out of the bottle. I gave one to Paul in my office and he's been playing with it for 3 days, that's actually pretty good, if you give him a project to do, he can't seem to concentrate on that for more than about 2 minutes.

We are sorry but the manufacturer has discontinued this item and we can no longer buy it.  If you are a manufacturer and currently produce this item, please let us know so we can add it back to our line.




Price: $1.25


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