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Japanese Lantern

You've seen those round paper lanterns that look like an accordion? If you haven't, now you can. If you have, now you can buy them from us. They're shipped flat and they fold out to open. 12 inches across, they come in assorted colors and can be folded back after use for easy storage until your next party. Be a little different from all the other parties you go to without spending a fortune. If you're having an island themed party and somebody asks why you're using Japanese lanterns, tell them Japan is an island too. Besides, they're still some Japanese soldiers hiding out in some islands caves all over the South Pacific. Don't you think they'd love some of these for their parties?

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Japanese Lantern - 10" Happy Birthday Color:
Price: $2.00  
Japanese Lantern 12" Floral Color:
Price: $2.50  

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