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Fridge Pins


A better refrigerator magnet for the home or office. Thumb tacks, without the tacks, for your refrigerator. Did you ever try to stick a thumb tack in your refrigerator door? Now come on, if you haven't done it, I bet your kids did. Well, now you can hang all those classic pictures, drawings, and your "honey-do" list on the refrigerator again. In terms of the "honey-do" list, this magnet will hold up to 10 sheets of paper - sorry guys.

Mom, this is your chance to make your little Rembrandt proud. Ever since they stopped selling Jubilee Polish, you have to be careful and our magnets won't scratch the finish. (By the way, if you don't remember Jubilee Polish, give us a little time and we may sell it here. It is still being made, just very very very difficult to find.)

Price: $5.50


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