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Massage XP

If you're familiar with the Massage Mouse , this thing will blow you away. The new Massage XP 2 (the new state of the art unit made by the same folks that make the Massage Mouse) utilizes the same electrophysiology therapy (EMS - electro muscular stimulation) as the Massage Mouse but the Massage XP 2 now offers expanded features and for just a few dollars more:

- Smaller, more compact unit that can be taken on the go with included belt clip.
- More powerful than previous models
- Digital LED display showing operation time, intensity level, mode choice.
- 4 modes offering different rhythms and patterns of massage
- A special mode to help reduce blood pressue
- A special mode that utilizes the Foot Massage Slippers (sold seperately)
- 4 pads that can be used simulataneously (instead of the 2 for the Massage Mouse)
- Battery Powered (3 AAA included)
- Optional power supply via USB connection to computer (USB cable included)
- 58 page instruction booklet with chapters explaining: Operation of the Unit, Ceasing Pain Through Massage, Accupuncture Therapy, Health Care Of Body, How To Lose Weight & Fat. - A large poster depicting 94 accupressure points

This unit is unlike any massage experience you've ever had. By passing a very low current electrical impulse (that you control) you can cause muscles to expand and contract like an actual massage.

The Massage Mouse was such a hit and we're happy to offer you this new unit at a much cheaper cost than our competitors. 

 There is an XP III available but we have chosen not to carry it.  The size is a little smaller and it runs on an internal rechargeable battery.  That means if your battey dies you have to stop what you are doing and charge the battery - you can't replace the batteries and just continue with what you were doing.  I wear the XP II at trade shows and this feature would make it impossible to contiue to use the unit and still walk around the show...not to mention it is not always easy to find a place to plug in at a trade show.

Compare our XPII to the Aura Wave-TM  that is being advertised on TV now.

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Massage XP 2 - Product   Price: $76.00  
Massage XP 2 - Large Pads (Pair)   Price: $6.00  
Foot Massage Slippers - Electro Muscular Stimulation Through The Massage XP Unit   Price: $13.00  
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