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Mirror Mints

No more of those days toting your purse around and all the baggage that goes with it. Stick a tin of Mirror Mints in your pocket and you've got everything you need - breath mints, and a mirror. These are sugar free (sweetened with Splenda and containing sorbitol, calcium starate, peppermint oil, and menthol). You get to pick a message that describes you best from the pictures on the left. You get the tin with a slide top lid, a mirror and a secret compartment under the mirror for a whole tin of mints. For you, your friends, or just some extras to have in case... We even have you covered if you don't like peppermint - we have a tin of chocolate mints - my favorites.
Available in eaches or in volume.

Just in time for Christmas and available only seasonally we now offer the Christmas tin.

    "I saw Santa kissing..."

Product Options:

Color options for Mirror Mints - Product




High Maintenance

I Saw Santa


Mirror Mints - Product Color:
Price: $3.50  

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