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Moo Mixer (X)

A Moo Mixer is perfect for those days when plain old white milk just doesn't cut it. Add a little chocolate, push a button and watch the tornado appear as your Moo Mixer mixes the finest glass of chocolate milk you've ever tasted. (I've also heard from reliable sources that it works with scotch and water, and people won't know what you're drinkin' cuz it's painted like a cow.) Guaranteed to increase consumption of milk (or scotch). If your family doesn't drink a lot of milk, you can use this for any powdered fruit drink or mix that you like.  If you are one of those state of the art folks, we also have the new, stylish Moo Mixer Supreme.

We are sorry but the manufacturer has discontinued this item and we can no longer buy it.  If you are a manufacturer and currently produce this item, please let us know so we can add it back to our line.


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