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Mosquito Magic

Mosquito Magic insect repellent contains no DEET, but the mosquitoes don't know it. This all natural insect repellent repels and deters insects using EPA approved ingredients including oil of cedar, cinnamon, citronella, clove, geranium, mint, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass - pleasant to us and 100% safe for the entire family.
Mosquito Magic insect repellent comes in 3 forms. If you're going to be sitting outside, you can rub the soap on (it's actually a solid bar of glycerin soap that you can use in the shower or just rub on your skin when you go out), a granular form that you can sprinkle in the ground if you're going to be sitting and talking or a clip-on container that you can attach to your belt loop or shirt so you can move around and still enjoy the same protection (This container lasts for 30 days when open and should be stored in an air tight plastic bag when not in use. Container has about 20 holes and you may adjust the number of openings with a piece of tape to release more or less scent.) The 3rd form is a wipe that you can use on the entire family. It is a large cloth that you can apply to the whole body (keep it out of your eyes) or you can apply it to pulse points, behind your knees, ankles and neck.
This insect repellent is not widely distributed, but you can expect to see it in more places soon because it really works!
NOW PROTECT YOUR PET TOO. Now available in a pet soap. Free of artificial colors, preservatives and animal by-products, this soap is safe when used as directed for dogs, cats, and horses. Lather up Mr. Ed, Fido, or your feline, and protect them while you deodorize them. (Even if your animals don't spend a lot of time outside this soap offers a very pleasent scent and you can use your dog as a indoor air freshener.) I have even used the dry pet soap directly on my skin as a dry rub and the glycerin bar worked perfectly. The Shaker is a 20 oz. container and can be used to sprinkle, mix with water for a spray or to refill the clip containers. You can even add it to the rinse cycle of your laundry for those clothes you are taking camping or your favorite fishing shirt.

Product Options:

Mosquito Magic - Clip-On   Price: $6.95  
Mosquito Magic - Granular Shaker   Price: $12.95  
Mosquito Magic - Wipes   Price: $3.45  
Mosquito Magic - Soap   Price: $5.95  

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