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Nature's Fire


Undersea volcanic eruption with multi-colored lighting effects. I don't want to talk about it, but part of the reason I got banished is because of a slight volcanic eruption that burned down a few grass huts, singed a couple of skirts, and scared the crap out of some chickens and pigs. I thought it was a good reminder to the natives not to forget to financially support the Tiki Gods. Well, the Tiki Governing Council thought otherwise. So now I'm working for Fred and I've got a bunch of these amazing kinetic energy things to unload.

All that aside. These things are really fun to watch. Similar to the lava lamp, only better. If I was still an active Tiki God, I could sell these for twice as much. They're designed for ages 8 and up and every one you buy keeps, Mr. Lee, Mr. Wong, and Mr. Yang out of the "unemproyment rine".

Price: $31.00


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