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Otter Pops

Otter Pops are made with real fruit juice in 6 zippy flavors, you know these guys.  Check out the antics of Poncho Punch, Alexander the Grape, Strawberry Short Kook, Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange, and Sir Isaac Lime at  They're fun to eat and fun to watch.  Otter Pops are 1 oz., which is just big enough for your little otter.  Packed 18 (or the 100 piece promo pack) in a box these items are sold on the west coast and haven't found their way to very many other areas.  Check your grocer's freezer, but I doubt that you will see them if you live outside of California.  The best part, at about 9 cents a pop you can afford to feed the whole neighborhood.
  On occasion you may find these Otter Pops in your local chain store as a one-time item.  They're not sold to chains on a normal basis, but through distributors around the country.  For this reason, we cannot tell you who might carry these in your local areas and that is why we offer them on the everybody across America can enjoy these treats whenever they want.

CAUTION: There are other companies that offer Otter Pops on the internet for a little less per case.  The problem is, if you're buying more than 1 or 2 boxes, the freight will eat you alive.  Our freight rate is $7 per order (no matter how many you buy) for any place in the 48 states and before you place an order with anybody else, check the price including delivery costs.


Sad but true.

Due to the nature of how these items are manufactured, occasionally rough handling during shipment may cause a leak. We know this creates a mess for you to clean up, but the only product that is bad is the one that leaked. All the others, while sticky, are still edible. They can be rinsed off and frozen as if nothing happened.

We may ship a few boxes together and one leaky pop can cause a large mess and a large claim, all because a product that is packaged to be inexpensive and only worth a few cents has leaked. Effective April 19, 2004, we will no longer accept claims for shipments made after this date. We know this doesn't sound fair to our customers and that may be why other companies don't offer you this product. The manufacturer says the freight people are doing it and the freight carrier says the manufacturer isn't sealing them well. We can no longer be responsible for everybody pointing fingers at everybody else. (We will never ship a box that has obviously had a leaking pop inside.) We believe, if we tell you ahead of time and this happens, that you will understand we can not accept claims and will not honor requests for credit. We apologize now if this causes you any inconvenience. If this notice causes you not to buy the product we certainly understand that too.


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Otter Pops - 100 Count (1oz. Bars)   Price: $11.50  

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