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Party People 6/pack

Everybody wants to know how to use chopsticks. I don't know why, the food tastes the same with a fork. But I guess it just ain't cool not to be able to eat with sticks. We can help you. You can practice with these or use them forever because they have conveniently attached the backends, you know, the 2 that are always going every which way that don't do any good anyhow. The way these are made makes it more like eating with tweezers. It's kind of like training wheels for your chopsticks, complete with a DO's & DONT's for chopstick manners. Mom, this isn't one of the ones listed, but we've taken care of it. Because of the design, your husband can't stick the backend in his nose at the Chinese restaurant like he used too. Maybe with these you can actually hold an intelligent conversation with the moron over dinner.
Price: $12.50

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