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Chocolate Amaretto Pecans


Chocolate is a favorite of most people.  Fine chocolate is a favorite of everybody.  Now, mix in a little Amaretto, just enought to taste, pour it over some fresh pecans and you have a new favorite - Chocolate Amaretto Pecans. 

We have offerred a chocolate product for the Holidays for about 15 years and we found this one 10 or 12 years ago.  From that day forward, this is the only one we have offerred and we sell more and more every year.  We try to get enough to last through Valantine's Day and maybe this will be the year we finally bought enough so nobody will be disappointed.  Once you try it, you will see why so many customers return year after year for this one product.  First for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then the perfect candy for Valentine's Day.

We only have it this time of year but you can get an extra bag or 2 and have it any time.  It is the perfect hostess gift, the perfect gift to keep in the closet in case you left somebody off your list or the perfect thing to chase away the doldrums when you are in one of those moods.

OUR GUARANTEE - Buy 1 half pound bag and taste it.  If you can honestly call us up and tell us that you don't think it is as good as we say it is, we'll give you back the money you paid for that bag.  If it turns out we are right, we simply ask you to tell your friends about it and where you got it - they will get the same guarantee and they will tell their friends and they will tell their friends........

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Chocolate Amaretto Pecans 1 Pound   Price: $13.50  
Chocolate Amaretto Pecans 1/2 Pound   Price: $7.00  
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