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Screw Up Kit


The Screw Up is a tool you will long cherish.  No more dragging out the ladders and moving it every 30 seconds.  No more wobbly ladders, no marks on the siding and best of all, you can use it  in the house....better yet, your wife can use it in the house or outside.  Simply attach the Screw Up Tool to any standard pole and put the socket in the quick connect.  Insert the screw hook into the socket and reach for the ceiling.  A little pressure while you turn the pole and you have the perfect hanger for holiday lights, plants, bird feeders, wind chimes or whatever else is on the ol' honey-do list.  Works perfectly by hand or with a drill for jobs like cup hooks in the cupboard, tie downs for the potted plant or a million other uses.

Get 2 while you are at it because your neighbor is going to want one of these.  Don't forget the extra 6 pack becasue you will have plenty of time while the wife is hanging all the stuff you had to do in the old days.  You can also get some extra hooks in case she just goes into a hang everything fit.

It is always nice to have some extra hooks before you start the job.  The best suggestion we can offer is to get a few packs of hooks when you buy the tool and you won't have to make that "emergency" trip to the hardware store on a Saturday afternoon.  The kit comes with an assortment of different sizes to get you started and we offer bags of 10 more of the most popular size (#14) to keep you going.  Just like everything else we sell, the freight is the same no matter how many you buy.

If you are looking for something to hang, we have the perfect item.  The Attack Spider is both functional and fun.

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Screw Up Kit Tool   Price: $14.50  
Screw Hooks   Price: $1.75  

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