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Ship Captain & Crew Dice Game

Dice games are great because they don't require a lot of space and they don't have a lot of rules. There's no game board, so it's perfect in the car on a long trip or at the kitchen table when friends come over. These games are very simple and very entertaining and you can have a normal conversation while you're playing because nobody has to keep track of strategies or cards played.

Rules For Ship Captain & Crew Dice Game:This game can be played by any number of people. Using matchsticks or whatever (money?) each player puts an agreed stake into the pot.

Object of game: Players try to throw (the ship), (the captain), (the crew), in that order and within three throws.

The pot goes to the player with the highest score in the last round of play. A tie nullifies all scores and a further round has to be played.

Also includes 2 bonus games: Drop Dead & Sequences

Was: $6.00
Now Only: $2.00


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