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Floating Target Shooting Gallery (X)

The old target practice gone high-tech. The target is a ping pong ball that floats on a column of air above the base unit. Each air pillar can be controlled to vary ball height and game difficulty. Take your gun and load it with the foam arrows and have a shot. The gun holds 4 and you get 2 extra and you'll probably need 22 to shoot the balls. Tremendous fun for anybody and the perfect gift for the guy who's trying to be creative. A little diversion like this frees the mind and allows you to think up really ridiculous stuff that you might not think of otherwise. When we brought this into the office we found we could write these descriptions twice as fast as we use to.

Sorry, this item is sold out!

We are sorry but the manufacturer has discontinued this item and we can no longer buy it.  If you are a manufacturer and currently produce this item, please let us know so we can add it back to our line.

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