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Silicone Hot Plate

Violet(Discontinued), Bamboo, Red, Orange, Sage, Claret, Black, Clear, Blue, White, Yellow

Silicone hot plates like these serve a dual purpose. They're great for pot holders and even better for hot plates. They resist heat and flames up to 675 degrees, they're super flexible, they're slip and skid resistant and dishwasher safe. They also make outstanding grips to open those jars with the lid that's on too tight.
We actually prefer this item as a hot plate since it is thick and not as flexible as you might want...but that is part of why it works so well.  Either way you go, every kitchen should have some and the hot plate/pot holder comes in some great colors that you can change with the seasons.
By the way, these are a great little item to buy ahead and store in the closet for a last minute hostess gift or make part of a wonderful house warming present...not to mention birthdays, stockings, and just old friendships.

Price: $6.50


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