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Sisal Coffee Bags 10 Pack


Sisal is a member of the Agave family....tequila and coffee, the breakfast of champions, but I digress...and the fiber is more like we think of straw. It is very sturdy but also think, stiff and rough texture unlike some of soft, smooth burlap. It is good for use outdoors or agriculture. They weigh a little more than standard burlap and they are a lighter beige color. The ones we get are usually very limited in graphics and normally we only have a couple patterns that are mostly stenciled.

Figure out your use and then you can pick the assortment that best suits your needs. 


Are you looking for Assorted CoffeeBags ? CLICK HERE FOR ASSORTED COFFEE BAGS

Do you want all Burlap Bags with no Sisal?  CLICK HERE FOR ALL BURLAP

Do you want distressed bags to cut up or use for the fabric? CLICK HERE FOR DISTRESSED BAGS

Price: $16.00



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