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All Silicone Spatula/Spoonula

Red, Pink, Blue. Yellow Spoonula has been discontinued

I bought a silicone spatula in a store and just couldn't believe the price they charged. I came back to the office, checked with a couple quality suppliers I knew of, and now we're selling Heat Resistant Silicone Spoon Spatulas FOR A REASONABLE PRICE! Our silicone spatulas are all silicone. That means the spatula part and the handle are heat resistant, stain resistant and the handle becomes a no-slip grip. The spoon style is 2 1/2" wide by 10 1/2" long. The small scraper is 1 1/4" wide by 10" long. You're not going to find these at a better price and once you take them home, I guarantee you're going to throw all your old rubber ones (with the melted tips) in the trash.

Just a note, we had a customer who wanted to print their name on the handle as a promo item. We couldn't do it because the ink wouldn't stick. NOTHING STICKS...not spaghetti sauce, not melted sugar, not nothing.

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All Silicone Spatula Narrow Color:
Price: $4.90  
All Silicone Spatula Spoonula Color:
Price: $5.90  

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