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Toothbrush Sanitizer


Sanitize your toothbrush with this unit, 2 AAA batteries and 5 minutes. The American Dental Association has stated the cotaminated toothbrushes not only harbor, but transmit both viruses and bacteria. The UV-C light wavelength of 254nm has been proven to destry the DNA of viruses, bacteria and mold spores in minutes. Up to 99% in just 5 minutes. Just put your toothbrush in and close the lid. The light comes on for 5 minutes and shuts off automatically. If you open the lid it also turns off by itself. Easy to clean with a removable tray. Best of all, this unit is sturdy and will last at home or in your travel bag. There is a cheaper model on the market and while the technology is the same, you can easily see the difference in quality and take a pretty good guess which one is going to last longer..

WARNING! This product emits ultraviolet light which can be dangerous to eyes and skin. Do not look directly into the UV-C light. Lamp contains mercury - Handle and dispose of properly.

Closeout Item - Quantity Limited

Was: $19.95
Now Only: $11.00


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