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Toothpick Dispenser

Push his head down, toothpick slides out and he grabs it - every time. I really didn't believe he could always do it, so I turned the lights out, and I'll be damned if he didn't do it again. This is a takeoff of the toothpick dispenser of years ago. Put him next to the relish tray and people will gladly use the toothpicks.
Replacement toothpicks available. You can use your own round toothpicks, or we have these fancy little ones with a point on one end and 3 rings and no point on the other. Our toothpicks are a little thicker, so you really have to smash the bird's nose into the ground pretty hard to get the toothpick to stick. By the way, these aren't really replacements, cause the bird only comes with about 2 toothpicks to start, so you better get some of these when you order the bird or see if you have some in the cabinet already. If you're wondering, yes you can order the fancy toothpicks without ordering the bird.
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Fancy Toothpicks   Price: $1.69  
Toothpick Dispenser Bird   Price: $7.45  
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