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Wine Lines


How many times have you been too drunk to remember where you set your wine glass?  I know, it's not because you're drunk, it's because you're distracted or immersed in conversation or busy helping prepare the food're just a nitwit.  In that case, Wine Lines are perfect for you.  Available in four different groups (Cheers, Vintage, Woozy, Nutty With A Kick).  One is surely right for you and your nitwit friends.

Prosit! - Down the Hatch! - Mazel Tov! - Cin Cin! - Kanpai! - A Votre Sante! - Slainte! - Bottoms Up! - Cheers! - Salud! - Na Zdrowie!
woozy - puzzled - befuddled - light-headed - boisterous - tipsy - glassy - obstreperoous - fractious - bemused - unglued
Nutty, With A Kick:
subtle but noseworthy - lingers on your palate - fruity, firm & well-packed - delivers complexity - nutty, with a kick - modest yet confident - easily approachable - mellow but charming - mild yet not bland - undemanding yet delivers - competent but laid-back
sturdy - opulent - rich - supple - immature - overpriced - volatile - vintage - earthy - ripe - formidable


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