How To Make Your Video Stream On TikTok- 5 Magical Tricks That Actually Work

With 600+ million monthly active users, do you think? Getting viral on TikTok impossible? Of Course, it’s possible. With a little hard work and a pinch of luck, you can make your video stream on this platform. Currently, TikTok is one of the social media platforms where everyone is talking about. It has the highest number of social media engagements. Moreover, this platform provides endless opportunities for brands and creators.

You need to understand that there is no place for young people to lip-sync or silly dance. Instead, the TikTok community comes up with a variety of content every day. So, you have more space to post any content.

This article will show a few magical tricks to make your video go viral on TikTok.

Create With A Strong Opening

TikTok is a fast-moving social media, so you have to catch your audience’s attention as fast as possible. You must grab their eyesight within a few seconds, or else people will swipe your video and jump on the next one. It is essential to create hooks from the beginning of your video to completely encourage your audience to watch your video. 

In fact, you have plenty of ways to generate hype and catch the audience’s attention instantly. 

Anyways you need to test and experiment with different ways to determine the truck that works for your content. For instance, at the start of the video, you can ask any controversial question or any surprising question or do something that adds a tempting twist to it.

Post More & More Videos

Volume matters on TikTok. Post more videos to go viral on this platform. Showcase your creative personality and increase the viewership watching. Of Course, you can’t predict which video will buy likes for TikTok and become viral on TikTok.Hence it’s crucial to post as much video as possible. Especially in the first few tries to post content regularly, who knows your content may get viral on TikTok.

Get Inspired From other Content Creators 

Watch as many videos as possible and just fall for the videos that inspire you. On TikTok, you’ll spot all sorts of videos. Some may post eye-catching sceneries, share their beautiful experiences. On the other hand, some may upload how-to videos or any life hacks. Remember, when you invest more in this platform, the more you’ll get inspiration and notice other’s work. In this way, you can gather plenty of different content ideas.

Create Your Video With Proper Editing

To make your video stand out from the vast crowd, you must use video editing techniques outside the platform. You can try out some of the techniques, including adding subtitles or attaching with part of any other video. Your primary goal is to make your video awesome and impressive. 

Share: Life Hacks, Tips, Favorite Things 

TikTok is a wonderful place to get aware or learn about new stuff; not everyone wants entertainment on this platform. Some may enter to learn something new. When you have any special skills or an expert in a particular subject, you can share them with your audience. While sharing those informative videos, ensure its beneficial and create with good editing. Typically, people love shopping. You can share your favorite products, reviews, demos, and more.


On TikTok, to make a video stream, you have to be original, genuine, and authentic. This platform is full of the younger generation to create your video as funny and as entertaining as possible. Focus on the “for you” page, hop on-trend, stick with multiple niches, add text initially, and try to increase your video watch time and completion time.

How to Get More TikTok Views & Likes for Your Videos – Simple Guide

TikTok is the most wonderful entertaining platform in the world. Over 800 million active users are there. TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2019, and it has more than a billion downloads from the Google play store. Everyone wants more likes and views for their videos. Is it possible? 

Yes, possible. If you want more TikTok likes for your video, follow the below technique to improve your engagement rate on TikTok. 


How to Get More Likes & Views on Your TikTok Videos? 

You want to get more views on your videos, use the following tips. These tips help to get exposure and fame among the audience. Here are the important 5 points to get more likes & views. 

1. Include Tags: If you’re making trending videos, use the trending tags. Hence, your video will reach more audiences, and you will get more views & likes for your videos. 

2. Create High-Quality Videos: Making videos doesn’t matter, but how quality is it’s matters. So, take time and create compelling content using multiple shots. And finally, create the best one! 

3. More Attractive: If you need more likes for your TikTok videos, your content should be attractive and engaging to your audience. Once you are satisfied with your content, you will gain more likes. More likes mean more views. 

4. Promote your video on other social Networks: TikTok has more than a billion users. After making a video and sharing them with your friends, on your profile like Instagram and YouTube. You might receive a number of likes. 

5.Stick with the content: Everyone can’t do everything! Thus, which type of content perfectly suits you, you will do it. Create the same content with a unique style. 

Try the above five tips to improve the engagement rate of your videos. If you want a massive number of likes or views, you can buy TikTok likes cheap to your videos that will gain more likes and views instantly. 

Here we will give additional benefits to improve your TikTok strategies. Keep following this, and people will identify who you’re. 

1. Add Hashtags to your TikTok Videos:

Many questions are raised about why hashtags are essential for the TikTok videos. 

  • TikTok users can easily identify your content.
  • Using trendy TikTok tags helps to more reach and get the viewer’s impressions.
  • You can also create your own tags and use them when you upload them on your TikTok profile.
  • Or else, select the trendy tags and make a video related to the tags. And include the tags when you’re uploading them. For example, the hashtag is #TikTokGirl, so you should make the content girls related. 

In this case, all social media are using hashtags for tending the information. Hashtags play a major role on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, if you want more tweets for your content, the viewers see “what type of tags you have used.” Also, on Instagram, you can add tags based on what is uploaded in the picture. I hope now you can understand the importance of hashtags. 

2. Make Funny Story:

Telling stories is not the same for all. You have decided to choose funny content, and you can do it with your unique style. Keep in mind, TikTok allows 15 seconds only for video content, but if you’re an excellent storyteller, you can shorten the story message in below 15 sec. Don’t miss the point, write a script, and perform while making videos. 

Content must be short and funny. Maximum viewers enter the Internet for entertainment and get information about current trends. You’re reading this guide because you need more information on getting popular on Tik Tok, but a person who sees a Funny video is more interested. That’s the entire concept behind why you choose TikTok. 

5 Effective Ways To Make Your TikTok Videos Go Viral

TikTok is an ever-growing social media platform with 1.1 billion active users worldwide. It’s plethora of features facilitates you to showcase your talents and brandify your product on TikTok. With Gen Z, TikTok has seen potential growth over the past two years. Most of the TikTok users are over the age of 35. Create videos to go viral on the platform to get more likes, views, and new followers to your account. Here are seven tips to make your video go viral on TikTok. 

Tip 1: Add Hashtags

The essential element of making your video go viral is to add hashtags to your content. Most people search for trending and funny hashtags to know the update on TikTok. Adding the most relevant on popular hashtags will make your videos seen by more people. Videos with higher views only can make your videos go viral on the platform. 

Use the discovery tap to find trending content on TikTok and watch the hashtags they used in their videos. Create similar hashtags and include #For You because many people use these hashtags to find trending content on TikTok. Use branded hashtags to get more views and likes for your TikTok videos.

Tip 2: Analyze Your Audience

If you want to go viral on the platform, understand your audience first because it is essential to increase followers to your account. To understand your audience, you might know what they are searching for on TikTok?. On Twitter, people search for information, Facebook they use to find new connections, YouTube they use for education, and TikTok people only search for entertainment. 

Popular funny videos include dance, pranks, jokes, memes, and challenges. Also, you can upload recipes, workouts, craft, and beauty tutorials to engage your followers. Create entertaining and informative videos to get more views for your content. If your videos have more views, your content will reach more people. 

Tip 3: Use The Duet Feature

One of the best ways to be popular on TikTok is to post duet videos. Take the most popular videos on TikTok and add duet features to gain more views and followers to your account. The duet feature allows you to add videos with other users’ videos. Select a perfect partner to make duet videos because many people like to see duet videos from the best pair.  

Tip 4: Post Videos At The Best Time

On TikTok, the time you post will make your content go viral on the platform. The time you post on TikTok is a main factor that decides whether or not your video will go viral. 

Posting at the best time helps your video get more views and your account new followers. Analyze when your audience will be most active and plan to publish at the best time to get more video views. You can select 6 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm to grab your follower’s attention.  

Probably you’d have done with posting some videos without much planning. As a simple solution, you could try to buy TikTok views from real users if you don’t have time to spend on promoting those videos.  This strategy works best to ensure consistent engagement for all of your TikTok videos.

Tip 5: Collaborate With Popular TikTokers

Partnering with influencers and popular TikTokers can help you to gain more followers and increase your business on the platform. If you are very new to the platform and trying to enhance your business on TikTok, buy TikTik views, likes and followers to boost your profile. Also, having collaboration with famous people can help you to improve your business on TikTok. Collaborate with famous people and make creative videos to get more likes and views to make your videos go viral on the platform. Use these above tips to create viral videos and get succeed on TikTok. 

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