Tweeting To Influencers: A Guide To Building Your Audience

March 6, 2023 by No Comments

For a small business on Twitter, the Holy Grail is an increase in followers. And it’s much more challenging to attract the kind of active, engaged, and useful followers you could actually use.

A business needs a plan to build its Twitter following, not just the hope that people would follow it back.

Three practical suggestions for attracting influencer-based Twitter followers

Your goal should be to get the influencers you’ve found and established genuine connections with assist you expand your audience.

1. Use Twitter lists wisely.

If you want more followers on Twitter, you should take use of Twitter lists. Find the influencers you want to interact with, then follow everyone on their lists. Blogtips estimates that only around a quarter of the people you follow on Twitter will really return the favour. This is a great, easy method to quickly gain new Twitter followers.

Then, you should make a private list and add everyone on the influencer’s list to it; if the list is set to Private, no one on the list will be alerted to its existence. Here’s your opportunity to join the conversation; just visit this list view to see what these folks are tweeting about. Provide your opinion on a topic, answer questions, etc. People will start listening to you if your initiatives are helpful.

Adding your influencers to public Twitter lists is another way to show them some love. Including someone on a list is a public way of acknowledging their expertise and demonstrating your respect for them. In light of this, they could be more receptive to assisting you in attracting additional Twitter followers.

2. The second step is to get influential people to tweet about you.

If you’ve chosen your influencer wisely, you can expect their audience to be highly targeted to your products and services. Why not tweet them and ask to be suggested to them? Just one powerful person saying, “Hey, you should certainly follow @YourProfile,” might bring in dozens of new, relevant followers.

You can’t just set up an automated system and expect this to function. Don’t send out a tweet to a group of influential people asking if they can suggest you. Nobody enjoys being treated like a statistic.

Think about sending an email or at least a direct message to continue the dialogue off of Twitter. If you want someone to mention you on Twitter, you should be able to back up your request with evidence of why they should: the material you share, the comments you give, or whatever your Twitter superpower may be. Do you own one??

3. You should highlight influential people on other platforms and encourage them to spread the word via tweeting.

Creating top-of-the-funnel blog material is a terrific strategy to increase your Twitter following via the help of influential users. You may begin with a straightforward list article that features the most influential people in your field, or the finest industry quotations from the previous week on Twitter. Have a look at this fantastic illustration from Forbes.

You should next have your influencers share this information with their audiences. Make it simple for the influencer to share it, and your chances of success will rise. The less work you ask of the influencer, the more likely they are to comply with your requirements, so try giving them template tweets with all the material links and hashtags already included.

You’ll probably get a few new fans and readers for your blog. Mark Schaefer, a Twitter expert, has written a fantastic case study on this topic.

Wrapping Your Head Around Influencer Marketing On Twitter

It will never be simple to gain new Twitter followers. Building connections with influencers is not a quick way to amass a large number of Twitter followers, but it may help you create a valued and engaged community.

But, there are strategies you may employ to make the most of your connections with influencers. Influencers may be persuaded to help you get more followers using a combination of cross-platform pollination, using social media management tools to discover suitable influencers, establishing trust, and asking for a promotion. Just do it and see what happens!