Quick and Simple Instagram Video Ideas for Today

March 15, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re having trouble thinking of material for your Instagram Reels, it may be time to brainstorm a bit.

Whether you’re a company or a content producer looking for fresh ideas, we hope these suggestions for Instagram Reels will do the trick.

Concepts for Infinitely Reusable Instagram Stories

In case you missed it, Instagram Reels are a huge opportunity for expansion.

Reels that are creative, thought-provoking, and fun are rewarded by Instagram’s algorithm.

It takes time and effort to come up with new ideas for Instagram Reels, but here are a few tried-and-true formulas that can help you get started right away.

Share your background and some information about yourself

It’s a good idea to have a Video ready to introduce yourself or your company if you find yourself in a creative rut (or when you suddenly gain a large number of followers).

Whether you choose to talk to the camera directly or combine old video recordings with a voice-over and text overlay, the decision is yours!

A great way to get your introduction Video seen is to use Instagram’s pinned posts function. In this approach, your new fans will be able to find out all about you straight immediately.

Expose the Real Side of Your Company or Product

This Instagram Reel concept allows you to show a rawer aspect of your company while neatly curated feeds become extinct.

Also, it’s the perfect subject for a “Instagram vs. Reality” video.
Try it out even if you don’t usually share articles like this!

After all, genuineness is a must when posting on Instagram.

Introduce your fans to the people that make the magic happen.

Share some behind-the-scenes activity with your fans by drawing back the curtain.

These Reels are simple and effective, whether you’re providing a timelapse of your content scheduling process or showing what truly happens during a product launch.

In addition, they make the piece more approachable, since they show that “making it big” in the corporate world or in the world of content creation isn’t always a bed of roses.
As a result, the next time you’re at a photoshoot, packaging an order, or answering emails, just whip out your phone and start shooting.

Display the Before and After

One effective strategy for doing so is to publish “before and after” films.

They have all of the makings of a great Reel: they’re interesting and may be enjoyable to watch.
Reels of “before” and “after” images are possible for a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to home improvements, recipes, cosmetics how-tos, illustrated guides, and more.

Provide Useful Advice

If you’re at a loss for what to do, looking for helpful hints is a good place to begin.

You have knowledge that can aid your audience no matter what field you work in.

The potential for expression on TikTok is huge, from exchanging fashion advice to teaching others about search engine optimization.
They need not be complex either. If you want to engage your audience, share a single fast advice and then get feedback on what they’d want to learn more about.

Drop a Hint Here

Making a teaser video is a great option if you’re stuck for inspiration for your Instagram Reels.

In order to drum up excitement for a new product or a big release, many companies and content producers turn to this method.
It can also be used as a teaser or preview for a future seminar, workshop, or series.

Catch the Wave

Trends are useful, but you shouldn’t make them your primary plan.

Following current trends is a simple approach to increase viewership and interaction with your Reels (and discoverability).

Using a popular song or jumping on a current trend are two easy ways to increase your video’s views and likes.

Although you shouldn’t expect every trend to be a good fit for your account, jumping on appropriate trends (sometimes) may help you interact with your current audience, attract new followers, and expand your reach on Instagram. Win-win.

Repurpose Online Material

Check out your existing material to see what might be reused for Reels. This includes Instagram posts, TikTok videos, blog pieces, and email newsletters.

If you have a video on TikTok that did well with your demographic, you might as well post it on Instagram, right?

To maximise the impact of a high-engagement carousel article, consider adapting its key takeaways into a short Video as well.

Submit Tutorial Videos

There are a plethora of key themes for how-to Reels, from demonstrating how to use an editing programme to demonstrating how to make the best chocolate chip cookies.
And, bonus points if you discover you have many suggestions for instructional videos.

You may shoot an entire series’ worth in a one day, providing you a tonne of material for Blog posts all week long (or month).

Advertise Your Goods

Instagram Reels are a great tool for showcasing any kind of product, from a cocktail kit to a new piece of technology.

Promote Local Interest

Putting the spotlight on your community through UGC is a great way to provide a personal touch to your business while also giving a boost to the individuals who naturally tag you in their posts.
Some alternative approach to this? Get together some glowing testimonials and publish an article about it.

To create user-generated content (UGC)-like content for your Business, you may want to collaborate with UGC creators.

Build a Listicle

A company’s reel’s subject matter need not always pertain to the company itself or its products.

When you’re stuck for ideas, go to your passions or surroundings for a spark.

You might compile a list of all of your preferred podcasts, Netflix series, or local eateries.

You may quickly and simply insert your content into a premade template using the Instagram Reels template tool. The next step is to customise the video with your own words, effects, or narration.