An Analysis Of The Most Successful Instagram Ad Campaigns And How They Are Created

February 24, 2023 by No Comments

Humans have a long history of using visual images, and while the medium may change, the ability of a picture to convey meaning has remained consistent. We have always had a thing for pictures, whether they are cave paintings, Renaissance masterpieces, Polaroid snapshots, or viral films on YouTube.

It’s no surprise that businesses are eager to join Instagram and begin developing their own marketing strategies on the platform. It’s intriguing because of the impact of a photo, the reach of the platform, and the growing variety of opportunities.

The most successful UGC-based Instagram marketing initiative

Enter the Starbucks White Cup Contest by using the hashtag #WhiteCupContest on Twitter.

Starbucks began its #WhiteCupContest on Instagram in April of 2014. Even though it’s one of the most successful Instagram promotions, the company behind it hardly put in any work.

Customers have proposed the concept on a page called “My Starbucks Idea.” In reality, many aspiring painters have long utilised the white cups as a canvas, often sharing the results on social media.

Although the marketing was basically handed to Starbucks, they knew a good concept when they saw one.

This campaign takes use of a social media phenomenon that was already trending, generates buzz, gives Starbucks a competitive edge, and doesn’t cost them very much at all. Adding a hashtag was the only thing left to do at this point.

The campaign’s actual value is the attention it brings Starbucks in social media feeds. They reached a wide audience with little investment of time or money thanks to the customised mugs’ widespread distribution via social media.

With the success of the Instagram campaign, Starbuck’s used the same strategy again the following holiday season, sparking controversy with their limited-edition red cups.

The most original Instagram ad campaign

Addict’s Helper: “Like My Addiction”

Louise Delage, a 25-year-old Parisian woman, appears to be an ordinary young lady at first glance. She regularly posts photos to Instagram of herself having fun with friends, taking selfies, and enjoying fine dining.

A troubling pattern emerges over time: in majority of the pictures, Louise is shown with a drink in her hand. She was made for an Instagram campaign called “Like My Addiction” by the Parisian agency BETC to bring attention to the problem of alcoholism and the difficulties of recognising the signs of addiction in those closest to us.

I can’t think of a better Instagram campaign than this one, which uses the personal narrative of an individual to engage followers and then leaves them wondering how they could have ever missed it before.

How the agency gained much attention and followers in such a short period is a fascinating topic for any marketer to delve into in this Adweek piece detailing the strategy’s execution.

The prize for modern adaptability

Geographical Magazine

Actually, this isn’t a single Instagram campaign, but rather a never-ending supply of high-quality posts.

The National Geographic account’s popularity on Instagram suggests that many users turn there while seeking the top brand accounts.

For as long as anybody can remember, National Geographic has been synonymous with stunning, award-winning photography; therefore, a photo-sharing platform only makes sense for them. To some, it may come as a surprise that a company that has been there since 1888 and is more known for its stacks of yellow magazines in physicians’ waiting rooms than for its work in social media is now considered a pioneer and leader in the industry.

More than 60 million people follow National Geographic on social media because the brand stays current and provides them with useful, interesting material. There are also many adorable creatures to behold.