Five Strategies For Boosting 2023 Instagram Follower Counts

February 20, 2023 by No Comments

Is the question of how to get more Instagram likes and comments on your mind? You’ve probably given some thought to how to boost your Instagram engagement, whether you’re a social media influencer, marketer, or simply looking to raise your online profile.

As one might expect from such staggering numbers, competition on Instagram is fierce. So, you need more than just an audience to reap the benefits. You need their active participation. Instagram influencers and marketers now worship at the altar of engagement, which is quantified by the number of likes, shares, and comments their posts receive.

Just what does it mean to have “Instagram engagement?”

Let’s define “Instagram engagement” and why it’s so crucial before diving into how to boost it.

Although they are related, the quantity of your Instagram followers and the quality of your interactions with them are two distinct metrics. The level of engagement on Instagram is measured by the number of times a follower likes, comments, or shares one of your posts.

Followers are more compelled to interact with your content, whether by commenting, sharing, or otherwise, when engagement is high. If you can establish rapport with your target market, they are more likely to buy your services or take your advice.

If your content generates a lot of interest, Instagram might even promote it. As a result, you’ll naturally connect with a growing number of your target audience members.

How to count Instagram likes and comments.

Although seemingly straightforward, this definition is actually quite controversial. Several different formulas for calculating engagement rate can be found online.

Since the platform is always evolving, the answer to this question may shift over time. Still, there’s no need to fret! Whenever there is an update, we’ll make sure to put it here.

A better question is why we wouldn’t just have the computer do it for us.

Evidently, it may be difficult to gauge Instagram participation. Fortunately, you can rely on some fantastic tools for this!

Mysocial’s MediaKit is the fastest and most precise option available. Reports on your Instagram account’s success are automatically updated (and other social media channels of yours). Using the MySocial app is as simple as linking your account with it.

Five tried-and-true strategies for increasing Instagram followers in the new year.

It’s disheartening to put in a lot of time and effort into creating content only to find that no one cares. It’s like preparing a mouthwatering meal for your loved ones and then being disappointed when they refuse to eat it.

Let’s talk about how to boost your Instagram engagement so you don’t have to experience that heartbreaking letdown.

Use the new collaborative features to your advantage.

Recently, Instagram added the ability for users to “collab” by publishing content created by multiple users. You’ve probably seen a few collaborations on your feed or reels by now, where two accounts are credited as the creators of a single piece of content.

By allowing users to invite other users with similar followings to work on a post or video together, Instagram Collabs creates new opportunities for collaboration between influencers.

When two accounts collaborate, their combined fan bases get to see the results. It’s a helpful tool for content producers and businesses because it makes it simpler to reach out to new, potentially engaged audiences.

Collabs allows you to cross-promote with other influencers, so that a single post on your feed can receive additional exposure thanks to the efforts of another influencer. The interaction between the two accounts’ followers will be instantaneous, as all the likes, shares, and comments will be displayed on the same post on both accounts.

Make reels that will grab people’s attention and keep them interested!
You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Instagram is always trying to one-up TikTok.

Instagram’s primary focus until the advent of TikTok was on continuously updating photo and video feeds. TikTok emerged in 2017 and quickly stole users away from Instagram.

Thus, a fierce competition for users’ attention and affection has begun between Instagram and TikTok (and for their engagement, obviously). Moreover, it was once said that competition is the mother of invention…. Instagram videos now have a name: Reels.

Reels is successfully competing with TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media apps, because they both share many of the same features.

Everything an audience could want in a film is present in a reel: brevity, excitement, and efficiency.

Most people today have a relatively short attention span. In this light, it stands to reason that the success of your engagement rate will increase if you are able to produce reels that people find interesting and share actively.

Focus on the people you’re speaking to.

hates it when they are forgotten about. Nothing is more detrimental to your efforts to boost Instagram engagement than your own lack of interest, passivity, and distancing.

It’s important to respond immediately whenever one of your Instagram followers initiates conversation with you. Investing time and effort into your fan base is a great way to show your admirers how much they mean to you.