We’ve noticed fashion businesses winning hugely on Instagram, the largest social media platform, over the years. Fashion businesses are setting the bar high for Instagram performance. They are recognized to receive substantially higher interaction and followers and to have the platform’s highest engagement rate. Several tiny fashion businesses operate exclusively on Instagram, with no physical storefronts or, in some cases, websites.

It’s a well-known truth that you may increase engagement and grow your Instagram following significantly if you develop a routine of publishing exclusive, beautiful, and genuinely eye-catching content, whether it’s videos or images. If you’re a small fashion business looking to establish a presence on Instagram, you should stick to a few basic principles to stand out from the crowd.

Rule #1: Always Use High-Quality Images

This may seem self-evident, yet Instagram is the home of mind-blowing images. According to experts, photographs should have three fundamental components to show their quality:

High-Resolution: You must ensure that your fashion account on Instagram solely features high-resolution pictures. Photographs for your account should be captured using DSLR cameras.

Select a camera with all the necessary capabilities to ensure outstanding image quality. High-resolution photos are thought to be necessary, as no one wants to engage with blurry, low-quality images. Your tiny fashion label may differentiate itself from the competition by publishing high-resolution photos captured by you or perhaps professional photographers with an old-fashioned camera.

Your Photographs Should Tell A Story:

True, a photograph may convey a great deal of information. Photos that successfully tell a story to receive the highest level of engagement on this robust social media network. Your photographs must be timely and relatable! You might receive less attention and be unable to know the exact reason why it happened, so in which case you can buy automatic real Instagram likes for the posts and videos in your new fashion account which helps gain more traction for your account.

Rule #2: Collaborate With Influencers 

 You must utilize the influencer marketing potential of Instagram for your micro fashion brand. If big businesses are not afraid to use this form of strategy, why are you ignoring the value of fashion influencers? You must understand how to proceed successfully with an influencer marketing plan. You must guarantee that the influencer and his targeted audience are genuinely connected with your brand. These are just a few of the critical components of an effective influencer marketing campaign.

 Rule #3: Exploit The Instagram Algorithm

Even though the Instagram algorithm has changed the rules of interaction, it is feasible to leverage the algorithm to your benefit. “We do know one thing regarding Instagram’s algorithm: posts with a high interaction rate appear first in followers’ feeds. There are several strategies for achieving these high rates. Additionally, it appears as though the more time people spend on your photos, the more effective and high-quality Instagram perceives them to be.”

However, how can you convince your followers to continue lingering on your Instagram photos for an extended length of time? You must write concise and intriguing captions that are no more than a few lines long. Additionally, use dots to divide paragraphs between making them more readable. Additionally, you may utilize carousel posts and videos to maximize the amount of time spent on each post.

Rule #4: Make A Shoppable Feed

While many visitors are drawn to your display due to the eye-catching decorations, many just pass by without initiating the purchasing process. Instagram would operate similarly. It is often thought that you should develop a Shoppable product and make your tiny fashion IG account Shoppable from the start. Consider creating a call-to-action button for all of your prospective consumers by including a clickable link in your profile that directs your followers to your website. 

Rule #5: Take Your Instagram Stories “Behind-The-Scenes”

Your Instagram postings must be flawless, and you must constantly prioritise information’s authenticity and correctness. Yet, you must never be afraid of exposing your true self. You might use flawless images to communicate your brand’s narrative on Instagram Stories, which are only available for 24 hours. As a result, your attention may shift to documenting your experiences and events through behind-the-scenes pictures.

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