An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Insights For Small Business

April 22, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram marketing is preferred by many small companies over other social media platforms because of the visual nature of the site, which allows them to showcase their products in a more engaging and timely manner, and because of the longer captions that can be used on Instagram in comparison to, say, Twitter. With the use of hashtags, Instagram postings become more discoverable, which in turn increases brand recognition and the number of people who follow the account.

However, like with any company strategy, the success of your Instagram marketing plan hinges on the data you use to evaluate its performance and change accordingly. In steps Instagram’s analytics tool.

Instagram Insights is a free marketing tool for Instagram business accounts that offers insights on your posts, followers, and profile. (If you don’t already have a business profile but would want one, you may convert any public profile into one by visiting settings > account > alter account type.)

Instagram Account Insights: What They Mean

Click the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the app) from your profile page, then select Insights. You can check out your most up-to-date Instagram stats, such as the number of people you’ve reached and the percentage of accounts that have interacted with your posts in the previous week.
The Profile Activity section of the Accounts Reached page contains information about the number of individuals who have viewed your profile and clicked on your website link.

The metrics may be seen over many time frames. In the last seven days, two weeks, a month, or a timeframe you specify. And Instagram will tell you if the numbers are up or down by comparing them to the same time period last year.

Tips for Individual Instagram Stories and Posts

You can also view insights for a specific article by clicking on the post you want more information about and then choosing View Insights. Basic metrics like likes, comments, and saves will be displayed, as will the number of people that followed your account or visited your profile or website.

The Discovery tab may be found at the very bottom of your Post Insights. You can see if they came upon it in your profile’s feed, the Explore page, or somewhere else. You may use this information to focus your efforts and raise your brand’s profile.
This “eye” reflects your thoughts or the number of people who viewed this story, but the accompanying bar graph reveals additional information, such as the number of individuals who viewed the before or following story, swiped to the next account’s tales, or left the app entirely after reading.

KPIs Really Matter for Instagram Ads

Like any other marketing plan, the success of your Instagram business account will be measured primarily by the number of people who see your posts and the number of people who interact with those posts. In addition, the algorithm is more likely to bury your articles in people’s feeds the less engagement they receive.

The number of people who discover you through the Explore tab can tell you if your hashtag strategy needs improvement if you’re trying to reach new audiences, and the number of shares can indicate whether or not your content is striking the right tone for word-of-mouth marketing.

Swipes and exits, or the percentage of viewers that abandon your story in favour of another account’s or Instagram’s home feed, are the most important metrics to monitor when it comes to your stories. If viewers are losing interest after only a few seconds of watching your tales, you may want to rethink your approach to coming up with ideas for content.

Concluding Remarks

Finally, you should monitor your audience growth by keeping tabs on your new subscribers. High-quality photographs with engaging captions can help you attract a portion of Instagram’s 200 million daily users (of which 100 million visit business accounts).

Data is key in marketing; analytics and insights allow you to fine-tune your messaging to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and resonating with your current clientele.

If you’re new to using analytics tools, Instagram Insights may seem overwhelming at first. However, all it takes is a little bit of practise to become an analytics whiz.