How Big Should Your Instagram Photos Be In 2023?

If you want your Instagram photos to do justice to your business in the social media world, you need to pick the proper photo size for Instagram. Your feed is the “face” of your brand, and as such, it is the first and most lasting impression you make on your followers. If you want more people to check out your articles, you should probably adjust the dimensions and size of your images. For your convenience, we have compiled this Instagram post size guide.

The Supreme Instagram Image Quality

Instagram’s maximum supported width is 1080 pixels. It’s the highest possible image quality, and it does a fantastic job of guaranteeing crisp, clear pictures on both mobile devices and online. The Instagram help centre recommends utilising the highest available resolution when uploading photos (up to a width of 1080 pixels), regardless of whether you’re using Instagram on an iPhone or Android.

If the height of the photo you upload is between 566 and 1350 pixels and the width is between 320 and 1080 pixels, Instagram will preserve the original resolution of the photo. In the event that this aspect ratio is not supported, the video will be cropped automatically to the closest one that is.

What Does The Aspect Ratio Have To Do With It?

A picture’s aspect ratio describes how its width compares to its height. Without specifying units, it indicates the width of the picture in relation to its height. Thus, a picture with a centimetre scale will seem the same in both centimetres and inches. This is why the ratio and form of an image are determined by its width and height rather than its actual size (in centimetres or inches).

Images have different aspect ratios when shown on various devices. A picture viewed on a smartphone, for instance, will have a different aspect ratio than the same picture viewed on a computer monitor. This is why it is essential for web material, especially visual web content, to have correct aspect ratios. For other platforms, like Instagram, you’ll need to submit videos with specified aspect ratios. Instagram photos often use the 1:1 square aspect ratio, the 1.8:1 (16:9) horizontal (wide) ratio, the 1.91:1 (wide) vertical ratio, or the 0.8:1 (4:5) aspect ratio.

Now, whereas aspect ratio describes the proportionate connection between the width and height of an image, picture size refers to the actual width and height of an image in pixels. It is the measurements of a picture, and they may be expressed in any system of measurement. Pixels, on the other hand, are the standard for online and digital pictures. It’s vital to keep in mind that two photographs with the same aspect ratio can not have the same image size when discussing aspect ratio and photo size. If an image with dimensions of 1280 by 720 has an aspect ratio of 16:9, then a picture with dimensions of 1920 by 1080 can also have the same ratio.

Instagram Feed Posts: What You Need to Know

Understanding the optimal Instagram photo size is crucial for promoting your business. This facilitates the rapid upload of high-quality photographs in the correct dimensions. Instagram users should familiarise themselves with three distinct feed post kinds.

This is the 1:1 square, often known as 1.1 or 1080x1080PX. It’s the original Instagram photo format. There was once a time when the only kind of post you could make to your Instagram account was a square. Instagram’s profile grid automatically cuts material to a 1:1 ratio, therefore this layout has long been a fan favourite.

One of the benefits of posting squares is that they help maintain a natural flow when a feed is being scrolled through. This is due to Instagram’s user interface being tailor-made for one-to-one communication. Using the square ratio ensures that each new viewer who happens onto your feed will be treated to uniformly high-quality images.

Some Closing Thoughts on Photographs of People and Nature

Rather than having your portrait or landscape photo cropped into a square, you may post the complete version to Instagram by selecting the full-size option. Pressing this button immediately crops your image to the widest possible landscape or portrait orientation. To crop your photo, just press the arrows that appear as you swipe from right to left. Instagram will accommodate your entire photo.