Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Stories Highlights

In 2016, Instagram debuted its Stories feature. Taking cues from Snapchat’s disappearing feature, Instagram Stories has become a significant element of the social network, and users and marketers alike have been making concerted attempts to become Story masters.

Currently, Stories are being used by roughly half of Instagram’s monthly users, and 1 billion Stories are being posted every day by 500 million users.
In this piece, you’ll learn how to maximise the impact of Instagram Stories Highlights for your company.

What exactly are Instagram Stories Highlights?

While Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, you can choose to save some of them as Highlights on your profile.

Instagram tales are essentially a compilation of your tales that your followers may view whenever they like. If you think of a highlight as a folder, you can save up to 100 media files, plus add notes and emojis, all within a single highlight.

Highlights for Instagram Stories: A Step-by-Step Guide

While making Instagram Stories can be time-consuming, making Instagram Highlights is much simpler, especially with these 25 Stories templates to get you started.

Enable the Archive feature to have your stories saved indefinitely

To do so, select Story Controls from the Settings menu, then Privacy.
Easy, just click the “+” symbol beside your bio. Instantly access all of your previous Instagram Stories.
Step 3: Select the material you wish to compile, and give it a Highlights label. Make sure the name is no longer than 10 characters so that it is easily readable.

Choose a picture for the folder’s cover or use a previously uploaded icon, and then hit “Add” (iPhone) or “Done” (Android). Your highlight has been successfully added to your profile.
Here are 5 great ways to put Instagram’s Highlights feature to work for you.
With everything out of the way, let’s get into the fun part and find out how you can leverage Instagram Stories Highlights for your brand now that you have the necessary background knowledge.

Put your content, goods, and collections front and centre.

If you have a wide variety of products to sell, highlighting the best of them is a must. In a single Highlight, you can showcase your products (or new arrivals), reflect on their benefits, and share the stories of satisfied customers.

Save the most recent articles and videos

The newest news (product launches, introducing the new CEO, etc.) or essential updates may also be delivered via Instagram Stories Highlights.

To help clients through the many temporary adjustments that will be made as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have highlighted information about their operational capabilities.

Highlight and advertise discounts

Users know that most firms utilise their social media pages to promote sales and coupons.

It’s a good idea to promote monthly specials or Instagram-only discounts to your followers if you provide them on your website.

And make sure folks don’t miss out on the bargain by giving the highlight album a name that plays on their fear of missing out.

Expand on what you’ve already said about your company

Your company’s Instagram presence exists to do more than just generate interest in your products and drive traffic to your site. It’s a convenient place for customers to find data about your company and its offerings in one place.

In this way, you may address your followers’ most pressing inquiries by compiling all the information they need in a single highlight, such as your business’s hours of operation and contact information.

Discuss helpful guides and tutorials

Highlights are a fantastic way to provide value and simplify the experience of using your product, whether you’re providing how-to guides, tips, life hacks, or technical information.

Many companies can benefit from this instructional tool by offering products with a slight learning curve or by advising customers on how to get the most out of their purchases.

Make use of themes and sections to arrange material

Instagram Stories Highlights are structured in a way that might help you organise information according to subjects and categories, allowing you to target certain demographics and interests.

For instance, Nike Training Club organises their Highlights by topic to cater to its target demographic.

Naturally, you should also use social media to make your brand seem reliable. Highlights is a great place to highlight reviews and customer comments, since consumers are coming to rely more and more on peer recommendations when purchasing goods and services.

Buffer has also included a #BufferLove hashtag for users to use when expressing their appreciation for the service, and a BufferLove highlight that compiles all such user-generated videos.

Highlight thought leaders, influentials, and brand ambassadress

You may increase your business’s credibility by showcasing the work of your influencers, brand ambassadors, and specialists in an Instagram Stories Highlight.
Put out a frequently asked questions or answers document.

There is always room for a well-written FAQ or Q&A, regardless of the niche you’re targeting. You should definitely add it to your Stories highlights. After all, it is your responsibility to foresee the needs of your audience and provide solutions.

Your social media managers will appreciate not having to field as many broad inquiries that might be answered with a single Stories Highlight.

Solicit material produced by users

You may also make a curated album full of user-generated material if your consumers like your brand and tag you for any reason, such as when they find a novel application for your product or when they find an innovative solution to a problem utilising your product.